"Once you have visited the mountain-top, all other views become unacceptable"- Ken Madden

The Three Rules of Mountaineering: 

(1) It's always further than it looks;                 

(2) It's always taller than it looks; and

(3) It's always harder than it looks.                    

Author Unknown.



My wife and I come from Botswana – a place where you can camp under a sky bursting with stars, and marvel at the rare wildlife in the Rhino Sanctuary – an amazing place really. Our heart’s desire was to study, train and be equipped to help the hurting and needy people of Africa. Through connection with some missionaries, we enrolled with NCIU and began a journey of change. Our government recognized the value of the NCIU programs, and sent us to China for further studies. Now we have returned to put into practice some of what we learned in the graduate study programs. Thank you NCIU for launching us into the fulfilling of our dreams to train and equip others to do the work of expanding God’s Kingdom in Africa.
— Dr & Mrs M - Botswana
I work in a country with restricted access for Christian missions – they are banned, or if found out you can face prison or death. I chose NCIU as the place to study a graduate degree in developing cross-cultural micro-enterprise partnerships. The Moravians were successful in doing this before Carey sailed forth to India, so why not me - today! My biggest challenges revolved around secure delivery of study materials but NCIU found ways to keep me on target with reaching my goals. A critical factor in my choice of NCIU was flexibility of study, and mission-focused choice of contemporary and relevant materials. My studies practicums were easily integrated into my vocational functions, resulting in meeting the goals for the NGO I serve with. I would recommend NCIU to anyone on the frontline, needing similar style study resources. Also building an ongoing relationship with my mentor has helped secure additional funding for our ministry program too.
— Dominic (real name & nation protected for security reasons)
I completed a MPhil in Intercultural Studies, with NCIU primarily based on two critical factors: the option of distance learning and NCIU’s kingdom-based missional values.
My mentor proved to be a divine gift who worked with me to graduate with a very high GPA, and thus facilitated my entrance into another premier seminary for doctoral research.
The flexibility aspect of NCIU’s program enabled me to complete this rigorous program balancing study with vocational and family responsibilities.
Following discussion with senior faculty I was able to focus my literary research upon missiology, by studying the seminal text, Transforming Mission, by David J Bosch. The opportunity to correlate studies and personal missional goals carried through into my thesis, focusing on the mobile school of mission that I was in the process of developing for use in African contexts.
All of these elements proved to be critical for my continuing education resulting in receiving my Doctorate of Missiology (Contextual Missiology), from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, in 2013.
— – John, UK
When you read Genesis 32 you find that life was not all easy for Jacob. Confused by his mother, threatened by his brother, tricked by his father-in-law, Jacob had to learn lessons the hard way. However, God is able to bring good out of the events of our life if we submit to His will and written Word. What Jacob lacked in stirling character he often made up for with dogged determination, and God found a way to use that for Jacob’s long-term good. If only we could see what god sees in every situation we find ourselves in, ...ah but then, perhaps He is wanting us to listen to His Voice, and learn from Him about the way we live and try to change our circumstances.... now that’s food for thought.
— Hanging Tough
Whether it happened all at once, or gradually came into view. Joseph finally saw what God was up to in his life - a bit like us I reckon. Of course, it took a wicked plot by his brothers to bring the daylight into full view. It took some extra time in prison as well. It also took a famine to make perceived reality become real. Only God could put together all the events that occured and turn them around from disadvantage to advantage - from negative to positive. Just like Joseph, we need the input from God to turn our mess into something really worthwhile - but the price is going to cost you everything, like everything! The crunch question - Are you willing to pay the price?
— The Sojourner
I recently read this statement - it made me think - “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of the vessel”. Oh, how we have got it wrong - we think today that the more you know the better you are, but in reality, knowing without doing is only beating on an empty gong, or make a big noise with clanging cymbal....
— Socrates