"Not all people of different cultures and religious beliefs live halfway around the world - some of them are now living halfway down the block where you live! Christians today like never before, must learn to live in a world of religious pluralism."
- Winfried Corduan



NCIU sees the training and equipping of all followers of Christ as an essential component of learning how to be a fully functioning “believer-priest-king” who is commissioned, trained and equipped to extend the Kingdom of God through the Abrahamic blessing.

The continuing vision that drives the seminary program is threefold 

  • Teaching and Education
  • Training and Equipping
  • Empowering and Strengthening

NCIU seeks to accomplish these objectives through three primary means –

  1. The provision of foundational teaching courses and curriculum for use within a local church or wherever faith happens and believers gather, so that every member can find their function and fulfillment within the Kingdom of God.
  2. The provision of Guided, Self-learning Courses and degree programs that allow front-line practitioners of Christian ministry and missions to advance professionally, while balancing their careers with a rigorous and beneficial education experience.
  3. The provision of global network connecting people, projects and resources so that they are able to facilitate the extending of God’s Kingdom throughout the whole earth.
All believers need to know what they believe, why they believe it, and how it applies to ‘The Way’ they live.
— Joe Trull

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NCI Core Values

NCI University & Theological Seminary educate[1] men and women for faithful participation in God’s redemptive work in the world[2] by cultivating academic excellence,[3] Christian integrity,[4] and lifelong learning[5].

► [1] NCIU offers nontraditional opportunities to the Christian Church worldwide for continuing education, as well as distance-learning degree programs that train and equip those seeking spiritual knowledge and enrichment.

► [2] Believers are called to be God’s co-laborers in God’s ongoing work in our broken world (1 Cor. 3:5-9), as we anticipate the return of the Lord. Wherever or however we serve, we are to be incarnational agents bringing change, restoration and transformation for the glory of God and the benefit of humanity.

► [3] Through culturally appropriate and relevant programs we seek to instill in our students through the study programs, the habit of doing academic work with excellence that brings glory to God and the extension of His Kingdom.

► [4] The prime goals of our distance learning programs are continuing faithfulness to Christ and the Gospel of His Kingdom, a willing voluntary submission to biblical authority, and to the daily application and out-working of Christian doctrine as a guide to ethical living.

► [5] Habits of learning must be sustained throughout life for individual growth and for effective service in a changing world. These habits of learning characterize the NCIU community of learners—faculty, staff, students, and graduates.


NCI Educational Philosophy

Recognizing that many in difficult locations require further training and equipping, NCIU has embraced five essential aspects in their philosophy of education.

► [1] NCIU utilizes the world-wide internet as the primary technology available that is transforming all forms of communication, commerce and education today. This means you can learn at your own schedule regardless of location or time-zone!

► [2] NCIU embraces Personalized Self-learning as the process of acquiring new truth. This therefore demands from each student strong desire, healthy passion, and diligent application, coupled with an understanding teacher who is able to help us each reach our best abilities.

► [3] The most desirable teaching objective at NCIU is a one-on-one process, which we call ‘Faculty Supportive Mentoring’. NCIU faculty mentors are not only passionate, seasoned practitioners, but also skilled in recognizing individual learning styles and needs.

► [4] From your initial contact with us through to the graduation event our fervent desire is to provide you with the resources and service to help you succeed wherever you are. Sometimes we all face failures with technology, and human endeavor can fall short of the desired standard we seek to achieve, but we will endeavor to work with you to attain your dream and goals.

► [5] NCIU sees the pathway of Christian education as a guided and graded process that presupposes three essential elements of the teacher, the learner, and the enabling environment, in which genuine and balanced learning successfully takes place, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.