It is clear that we are living in a rapidly changing world. 

What is sometimes overlooked in such times is that in such changing times, our central vision of being The Living Body of Christ, must be constantly renewed. 

As a global church we have come through some extraordinary times of change in every sphere of society in the last two millennia, but we are still called to the same mission, with the same mandate

"To Reach the Whole World with the Life Changing Power of the Resurrected Christ who Lives in Us through the Person of the Holy Spirit "

This means that, as The Living Body of Christ, we need to be trained and equipped to utilize our head, our heart, and our hands in representing Him.

In other words, we must become God With Skin Onto the world where we live!

NCI seeks to train and equip men and women everywhere with relevant and culturally appropriate education to embrace these three areas. Our specialty is the field of distance education through one-on-one mentored degree study programs to “polish the fine cutting edge” of those who see themselves as instruments in the hands of God.

“Learning without doing will hopefully increase your knowledge level - but learning that requires knowledge being applied, will translate into a vocational skill resource that can be more easily replicated again and again through faithful learners.”  

The three arrows on the right-hand side of this text will open doorways for you to a new realm of training, equipping, opportunities, connections and resources. 

Looking forward to working with you in the accomplishment of your dreams and vision for service in His Eternal Unchanging Ever-expanding Kingdom! 

The Board and Faculty of NCI.