"God calls us as disciplemakers - to shape our learners, their thinking, their values, and their behaviors. We are commissioned to do this by His power, towards His ends, through the primary medium of His Word and Spirit."

- William R. Yount


About Us

Who are we?
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we exist as a servant ministry for training and equipping Christian believers in attaining their Biblical education goals and objectives?

Simply put, the teaching faculties of NCI are all practising Christian believers who as teachers embrace the mindset that nothing less than personal life-change resulting in becoming a reflection of Jesus Christ is the goal of every tutor and professor. 

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About Us


The current Academic Catalog of NCI University & Theological Seminary gives us full details of the study disciplines and programs offered.

This includes all relevant details pertaining to academic programs offered, tuition  costs and fees. 

It also explains the special relationships and functions of the institution - it is available as a fully downloadable PDF document file in segments or as a single eBooklet document.

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Our Programs 

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Firstly, the associated vital links connect you to some exciting testimonies from grateful students and alumni. Secondly, you can be connected to vital links giving free resources and materials for your Christian ministry service. Thirdly, you can be connected to vital links that enable you to receive our Ezine newsletter, and become a partner with us training men and women in nations that struggle under economic hardship. Together we can make a difference!

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